Alien ★★★★

I hate to be that person that talks garbage about classics and I know it's like sacrilegious to not like parts of Alien, but I must say that not every second of this is necessary. It could have had the same effect on me if they got rid of 15-20 minutes of it. The opening 30 minutes didn't really go anywhere, and sure while the opening credits were great at building up suspense, it got old real fast and just completely relied on its score.

Now, everything after those 30 minutes- fantastic. I think the best things about this film are its sets. It's very claustrophobic and I believe that's what makes this film so memorable. You feel trapped with these characters and just as worried as they are. The score is also fantastic. Jerry Goldsmith uses different instruments throughout to add intensity and dread. Flutes, booms, and other percussive instruments are very ominous and almost replicate something to come out of The Exorcist (violin strings making that tapping noise).

Ridley Scott is known to have some of the cleanest prints in film. Blade Runner is another one where the print of that film is so clean it looks like it was made today. Alien is another example of Scott's clean film and beautiful cinematography. I wouldn't even call this film a horror- it's more of a thriller/action. Do I think it's a masterpiece? Objectively. I would like to see it a few more times before I officially form a thought-over opinion, but for right now, it's a great thriller that has potential for multiple rewatches.

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