BlacKkKlansman ★★★★★

Re:Definition; Spike infiltrating the multiplex under the hood of a crowdpleasing buddy cop picture (using his "white voice"? ) in an effort to expose & subvert cinema's role as a tool of white supremacy. cross-cutting during key sequences underlines the ultimate point: black militancy is a necessary act of self-preservation in the face of white nationalism. the modern epilogue, prominently featuring the real David Duke, initially plays as a depressing reminder that we haven't come far from the film's fo' real shit. but consider the jittery, digital Charlottesville footage in contrast to the GONE WITH THE WIND scene that opens the movie, with its Academy ratio, gorgeous film stock, Confederate flag soaring high. then, they had all the power to glorify "southern nobility". now, the cameras are in the hands of the people, the imagery is immediate, and the rebuke to white supremacy is a full-throated "...we [don't] want the motherfuckers here".

wake up, fight the power, do the right thing, you know the drill.

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