Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★½

if a manga sprung to life while a Spotify "This Is: Nam" playlist was running KONG: SKULL ISLAND would be the result. Jordan Vogt-Roberts is like a cokehead Japanese teenager with an affinity for SUSPIRIA lighting and Instagram aesthetics. a million "cool" ideas, a hundred million dollars to shoot them and this is what homeboy delivered - myriad tones and plots and themes all squashed into a seemingly endless grab bag of splash page images.

it really shouldn't work, but i was ripshit on dirt bourbon last night and wanted to see a huge ape beat the fucking hell out of things so this did the trick. if you thought that much-maligned pterodactyl shredding in JURASSIC WORLD was actually hilarious like i did you'll be hooting & hollering over the callous violence in Kong too. the level of wanton cruelty on display is kind of admirable for such an ostensible crowd pleaser.

quick hits:

-Kong v Koba: Dawn of Justice
-Dre & Eazy reunited
-pair this with FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX (2004)

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