I, Tonya ★★★½

so when this ended i spent about 45 minutes reading articles/newspapers, checking excerpts of harding’s book, listening to interviews of everybody involved, viewing clips of late 80s - early 90s figure skating, and watching newscast reports... after all of that, i have to say i do not believe tonya harding’s account  LOL. i personally believe she absolutely knew about the attack on ms. kerrigan. 

it is real life but spoilers, i guess bahaha
although it is fucking hardcore & sad to be legally banned from your passion/dream, if tonya had knowledge about the attacks then that’s exactly what would’ve been expected for nancy: her dreams of skating shattered. 
or her kneecaps,
if we want to get specific lol.

i personally don’t have sympathy, you fuck w someone else like that & u don’t deserve your career. people can be cancelled for tweets they have made, but i think having prior knowledge of your competitor getting her kneecaps destroyed with a baton (or even if tonya is telling the truth, sending fake death threats) to aid in your favour is shady and worth getting ruined over.

anyways with that being said, i really enjoyed this movie bahahaha :) margot robbie was fantastic in this role, probably the best ive seen from her, and stayed likable throughout the runtime. everybody was really good. the execution of some scenes were really enjoyable, the long takes during the ice skating scenes captured the skill & pressure very well. i really did enjoy this movie a lot, for a film with as dark a subject matter as this one, it was very comedic. but that didn’t bother me at all.

i could see that this film really wanted to express how unfair the sport and the case was for tonya since the beginning: coming from a redneck family & abusive mother/boyfriend, the inability to smother her punk ‘fuck you’ attitude that comes off as unattractive to judges, her lack of money, etc. it almost portrayed tonya as doomed from the start, and how that would cause her comparison to nancy kerrigan from judges to feel extremely unfair & unreasonable, especially when that propels how she became the most hated woman in america. 
Poor and dirty redneck trash got her boyfriend to physically attack the clean and friendly Nancy Kerrigan so that she could beat her in a competitive sport; it’s much easier to eat that up rather than to question its legitimacy.
i could sense the film was attempting to compare the unfair judgements of her from the judges in figure skating to the judgements of her from the public eye during the attack case. i thought that was very clever but i wish it was developed just a teeny tiny bit more to make more sense. who knows tho this could be me overthinking it wayyy too much. a little more development would be nice, but if that was intentional then im at least glad you didn’t shove it in our faces :) good job script writer.

check this movie out. it’s really good, and although it can suffer from that basic & same true-story-type-film-stuff, it’s still lovely as hell.

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