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  • The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

    The Ballad of Buster Scruggs


    So much meaty stuff here. The Coens do an anthology on death as it pertains to the (im)moral universe they've been building for years and years now, and the format helps suggest the theme in a blunter way than if it were a single, longer story. But both for good and bad Ethan and Joel can't not be post-modern: beginning with the framing device and Buster Scruggs' goofball breaking of the fourth wall, the very nature of Coens screenwriting seems…

  • Crazy Rich Asians

    Crazy Rich Asians


    Fitting that this year's biggest cinematic Cinderella story (narratively and box-office-ly) be littered with cantopop covers like Sally Yeh's "Material Girl" and Katherine Ho's "Yellow": give it a racial twist, but be sure to keep the hegemonic message underneath. Let Singapore play Vegas for the b-roll.

    Is this the dream of the subaltern in 2018? To be subsumed into the metanarratives of capitalism? To get to have your own brand of Affluence Porn? Anyway, here's a .gif I just made…

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  • Güeros



    There's a good 20 minutes around the middle of Guëros that captures university life and student occupations in a way more realistic and full-hearted than I've ever seen before in film: leave it to one of our beloved sibling-countries to create the university film brazilian cinema didn't, couldn't ever produce. It's the centerpiece of a movie that oozes latinoamerica throughout, where Mexico City plays both itself and São Paulo and Buenos Aires and Santiago, should I keep going? Probably the…

  • Pi



    Somehow time (and a downpour of Very Serious Film Awards, I suppose) made this into a classic of 90's arthouse-oriented indie cinema, but it really, really isn't that. This is through and through a B-movie, embracing what might be Aronofsky's greatest quality: his penchant for campy horror and paranoia, the same kind that would propel him to further stardom in 2010's Black Swan. This here is the Eraserhead- and Tetsuo the Iron Man-inspired wetware and Pop Math fiesta that the…