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  • Atomic Blonde

    Atomic Blonde


    For good and bad (mostly bad), this will be remembered as a time capsule of mid/late-10's "cool".

  • Spectre



    Ah yes, Christoph Waltz... the Udo Kier of fuckboy cinema

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  • Güeros



    There's a good 20 minutes around the middle of Guëros that captures university life and student occupations in a way more realistic and full-hearted than I've ever seen before in film: leave it to one of our beloved sibling-countries to create the university film brazilian cinema didn't, couldn't ever produce. It's the centerpiece of a movie that oozes latinoamerica throughout, where Mexico City plays both itself and São Paulo and Buenos Aires and Santiago, should I keep going? Probably the…

  • Pi



    Somehow time (and a downpour of Very Serious Film Awards, I suppose) made this into a classic of 90's arthouse-oriented indie cinema, but it really, really isn't that. This is through and through a B-movie, embracing what might be Aronofsky's greatest quality: his penchant for campy horror and paranoia, the same kind that would propel him to further stardom in 2010's Black Swan. This here is the Eraserhead- and Tetsuo the Iron Man-inspired wetware and Pop Math fiesta that the…