Maniac Cop

Maniac Cop ★★★

Bruce Campbell and Robert Z'Dar are chin yin and yang in this film, those deep clefts foiling each other perfectly. Went over to Digitalgloom's house with Cari to tune in to Last Drive In and Joe Bob had this one playing with Bruce as a guest. Digi and JT, who usually comes but couldn't make it tonight, are way bigger horror buffs than me so I thank them for introducing me to Joe Bob Briggs and his keen insight into the genre and filmmaking in general.
This one had a lot going for it, slick 80's synth soundtrack, lots of grimy establishing shots of New York, some fun kills and a great chase scene towards the climax. But my favorite thing was the St. Patrick's day setting. There's so many horror movies around Halloween so I like seeing the other holidays get some bloody love. The paper shamrocks and green and white streamers really tie it all together. Might be a good double feature with one of the Leprechaun movies

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