Guardians of the Galaxy

“Take my hand, Peter.”

so far ahead of the pack of the MCU, minor quibbles aside, that it’s almost reductive to compare it to the others. Contains the spectacle and dynamic scenery you expect for a blockbuster but it’s far more predicated on emotion than anything else. Even the macguffin is only able to be contained once the characters open up to each other. Yeah, there’s the plot explanation about Peter being part-god but it doesn’t retroactively ruin this, primarily because the leap of faith with the Guardians holding hands in their hero shot is a complete leap of faith. They didn’t know it would work. So what feels like a sequel tease still feels earned enough as a bit of continuing character development rather than “tune in next time for the Real Story!”

Not enough focus on the character interiority imo, especially with Gamora and Nebula, but there’s a compelling thread in the film about Gamora having started her story of redemption prior to this already. It’s still not quite as much as I’d like. I like how efficient the arcs are at unifying and paying off with genuine character affectations like “They got my dick message!” And the character conflict stemming from a place of toxic masculinity and immaturity that feels far more at home here than any other modern superhero movie.

And I know everyone shits on Ronan but he doesn’t need to be more compelling than just an almighty foil! It’s a fun way to bounce off the comedic energy of the Guardians. Shut up. 

As good as The Last Boy Scout

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