The Strangers: Prey at Night ★★★★

"Bright lights, the music gets faster
Look, boy, don't check on your watch, not another glance
I'm not leaving now, honey, not a chance
Hot-shot, give me no problems
Much later, baby, you'll be saying nevermind
You know life is cruel, life is never kind"

A modern slasher that gleefully taps into older camera work and staging. Some maaajor vibes from THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN, general John Carpenter inspiration and even a bit of EXORCIST 3 at one point (POOL SCENE >>>). Set to some gloriously pronounced 80's jams, preying on nostalgia to serve as not just playful irony but a cold reminder that the inherent optimism founded in those tunes could never be reconciled with new age terror. Contrasting the joyous soundscape are visuals that oppress and confine through lights, framing and location. The kids in America never stood a chance. 

Yo, this shit slaps.

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