Venom ★½

None of you are ever allowed to say bad things about SPIDER-MAN 3 again.

Note: This viewing and review experience was enhanced with several alcoholic beverages and a can of monster energy. Drink responsibly. Gamers rise up.

A completely fascinating misfire, perpetuated only by corporate interests and a need to keep brand names alive. The kind of bad that is only possible by algorithmic attempts at the nature of creation. Unmotivated editing, obtuse conversations and scenes that don’t actually progress anything. A bullet point style storytelling found from leftovers of the ASM reign of terror.

At least you’ll never be bored. Venom looks kinda neat. Don’t know why they made another symbiote have a similar color scheme buuut okay. I guess you’re saving that for Carnage? But there’s like other colors in the world instead of black and grey... idk, fuck it. Venom has cum eyes. Riz Ahmed is just Elon Musk.

DP Matthew Libatique at least makes this look like a real movie.

Avi Arad is a top 3 Spider-Man villain.

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