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  • The Entity

    The Entity


    "I'd rather be dead than living the way I've been living."

    Probably one of the hardest movies to sit through (in the good/scary way) all month, the rape scenes and their accompanying soundtrack (BUMP BUMP BUMP BUMP) made my skin crawl. Single mom Barbara Hershey is repeatedly being attacked by an invisible assailant and of course few believe her. Even her psychiatrist (Ron Silver in full creep mode) thinks its all in her head. Hershey is fantastic in the role, and the odd camera angles heighten the intense atmosphere. Watch it with Peter Tscherkassky's Outer Space.

  • Images



    Bar none the best movie I have ever watched while sleep-deprived at 4:30 AM. Striking and hallucinatory with an eerie, experimental score and a fantastic Susannah York performance.

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  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    Loved the sound design and the stunning cinematography, but this didn’t quite gel for me. No disrespect to Willem Dafoe (who basically plays Captain McAllister), but if this was a Guy Maddin film with Udo Kier it would be a masterpiece.

  • Bug



    I went into this film knowing very little, expecting a creature feature or something like Shivers. This was...not that, but it is a wild ride. It’s the perfect quarantine movie because it’s so claustrophobic and intense. Fantastic performances, including an unhinged Michael Shannon (even for him), and another great screenplay from Tracy Letts.

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  • Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

    Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome


    A town run entirely on pig shit is one of the best metaphors for Hollywood I've seen in a while.

  • Society



    "Well, son, I guess you were right. I am a butthead!"

    Body horror/satire of high society in Beverly Hills that's more relevant than ever. Maybe this is what happens at all those G-20 Summits?