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  • You Were Never Really Here

    You Were Never Really Here


    Joaquin is a genius at haunted and traumatized, too bad the Academy hates him 😡

  • Jack's Back

    Jack's Back


    Hot Young Spader is objectified more than any of the women in this (fun, atmospheric) thriller. Thank you for blessing us, Rowdy Herrington 🙌

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  • Little Italy

    Little Italy


    Hoooooooooooooo boy.

    1. Emma Roberts and Hayden Christensen are supposed to be the same age, yet he looks 20 years older than her when in reality he's 11 years older than her. Alyssa Milano plays Emma Roberts' mother. Christensen is closer to Milano's age.

    2. Somehow the Distillery District is hosting the Little Italy CHIN festival EVERY DAY? This will only matter to Toronto folks, I guess.

    3. Nobody in Toronto talks like an extra from the Sopranos, but everyone…

  • The American Meme

    The American Meme


    Being famous in the social media age is lonely: The Documentary.
    Paris Hilton and The Fat Jewish offer some good insights into their fame and businesses, so it's worth watching for them. I'd never heard of Brittany Furlan or the absolutely disgusting Kirill, but they both really need therapy, and lots of it.
    Oh the guy from Britney’s Toxic video is in this and he’s living his best life off social media.