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  • Begotten


    Well it was mostly more gross than terrifying, which is kinda disappointing, also didn't expect that very explicit kind of sexual violence, which was even more disappointing.
    But I really like the atmosphere and distorted filming, and just how it runs.

  • Don't Look Now

    Don't Look Now


    This is the weirdest normalest film I've ever seen.

    It has such a great atmosphere tho

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  • Blow-Up


    He's supposed this kind of "irritated artist" but he's just an asshole, a total jerk.
    And this film has the worst writing of females characters I've *ever* seen.
    It got interesting an hour in, but then immediately absolutely fucks it up again.

    The last scene is the only good thing about this film tbh

  • Breakaway


    Im very dizzy and I dissociated so hard