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  • Shooting the Past

    Shooting the Past

    one of the better films i've ever seen about research, cultural institutions, and certainly the only one which makes it clear just how the past and its study can never be rendered compatible with knowledge-production under capitalism, because what it reveals is not, an affirmation of the human spirit, or how people from small towns can do good, but rather shows us narratives of expropriation, oppression and death

    it starts off very strong, and true to life. within every cultural…

  • Network


    fine till it's about how ambitious women in the workplace ruin Love. holden sermonising on how he doesn't care if his penis is big or not is some of the most sanctimonious shit i've ever seen

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  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    a very good, very bleak film, among the best i've seen which asks difficult questions about the future of the planet

    the extent of its pessimism is refreshing and comes across most notably in the climate hymns. they feel, as the film's most clear sighted character's ashes are dumped in a river too polluted to fish, as always-already historical as the old union hymns on which they are based. this goes for many other things in the film too, from…

  • A Mother Brings Her Son to Be Shot

    A Mother Brings Her Son to Be Shot

    intermittently interesting documentary about post GFA northern ireland. begins strong with a seemingly promising account of 'those left behind' within the post-troubles dispensation, but persistently elides a more structural and historicised account to become a very human interest led story: martin mcguinness shaking hands at a bloody sunday commemoration gets more attention than brexit, or, how the north fared under cameron's regime. a lot of the shots and documentarian's questions are facile, prurient and a little condescending, and it's quite…