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  • The Oily Maniac

    The Oily Maniac


    Hooptober 5.0 - Film 11

    This is one sleazy piece of chop schlocky and bottom line.... this was far too rapey for my tastes. I shit you not, but there is a court scene which basically depicts rape as being sexy, in a scene played for laughs. Which is pretty low by even 70s Hong Kong movie standards. The rape scenes are very much at odds to the tone of the rest of film which finds itself in agreeably dumb…

  • Corridors of Blood

    Corridors of Blood


    Hooptober 5.0 - Film 10

    Probably better titled Corridors of medical malpractice. The only horror here is the reality of how primitive 19th century surgical procedures were. The only way of reducing the pain was to get through the surgery as quickly as possible. An era where the finest practitioners were fast draw scalpel and saw slingers. There is an intensity to the surgical procedures, the blood curdling screams of the patients, that just about give a horror tinge to…

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  • Hour of the Wolf

    Hour of the Wolf


    Hooptober 5.0 - Film 9

    The hour of the wolf is the hour between night and dawn. It is the hour when most people die, when sleep is the deepest, when nightmares feel most real. It is the hour when the demons are most powerful. The hour of the wolf is also the hour when most children are born.

    The fragility of the mind and unreliability of memory have been a fertile breeding ground for horror. We probably all have…

  • Robo Vampire

    Robo Vampire

    Hooptober 5.0 - Film 8

    Mr. Glen: How’s Tom?
    Doctor: It was a fatal wound, he’s dead.
    Soldier (turns to Mr. Glen): Since Tom’s dead I want to make use of his body to create an android like robot Mr. Glen. I would appreciate you approving my application.
    Mr Glen: Are you assured success?
    Soldier: Mm-hmm.
    Mr Glen: Well, then your application is approved.

    Sure fifty years of Night of the Living Dead is a big thing and 40 years…

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  • Dr. No

    Dr. No


    Nobody ranks Bond better for Bond-a-thon

    "World domination, the same old dream. Our asylums are full of people who think they're Napoleon. Or God."

    I have general rule about the Bond Canon which I'll keep returning to, it is at its best when it tries to break the mould that it's previously established. It's a series that's constantly reinvented itself for the changing times. For me as a general rule, the last film a Bond actor makes is usually their…

  • The Wizard of Oz

    The Wizard of Oz


    Do you ever wish you could forget one of your favourite films, just so you could experience it again for the very first time?

    I have. 

    The two options are probably extremely dangerous brain surgery or numerous rounds of expensive hypnotherapy.

    I've decided having children is the marginally less dangerous but ridiculously more expensive way of achieving this.

    I've just watched The Wizard of Oz with my daughter on my lap. I experienced her every laugh at something funny, her…