Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★★★★

Honestly, this just as easily could have been called "Slumber Party Massacre" or "Sorority House Massacre" and bore just as much to those originals as this does to "Black Christmas" so, yeah that just needs to be let go. This is, for the most part, it's own thing and probably would have fared better had it been called something else. (Such as "Slay Girls").

I enjoyed that it was laser focused on a specific target audience. (I learned what a DivaCup was, which is a detail that a guy probably wouldn't have written.) I liked that it wasn't subtle. I liked that it ranted.

What I was less enthused by was when the film showed its influences or just down right knocked them off. If you love something, figure out why it works and then do your own take on it. Referencing other horror films that aren't related to the subject is more distracting than clever.

Also, I wish the PG13 hadn't interfered with some of the content. I would have loved an alternate universe where the tag line on the poster read "Suck. My. Dick." Hell, I wish that had been the title.

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