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  • Doom



    If you don't like the 1st person section you are pretentious and disgraceful. Go back to your new waves and your neo-realism, this is cinema

  • Three Colors: Red

    Three Colors: Red


    Possibly the most straight forward of the three, which is in no way a bad thing.

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  • The Big Lebowski

    The Big Lebowski


    "I don't know about you. But I take comfort in that. It's knowing that he's out there... The Dude... Taking her easy for all us sinners"

    I have always loved this film with a certain absent minded lust. I have never really put great thought into why I love it, always just thought it was funny with great performances, and that it is, but today I saw a video where Mark Kermode criticises the film because it is a mess…

  • Joker



    Art shining a mirror at society makes living in a society bearable