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  • The Wailing

    The Wailing


    Little bit of a slow burn but very effective in the way it keeps you wondering what exactly is going on.

  • Pit and the Pendulum

    Pit and the Pendulum


    Always loved the atmosphere on this one. Corman throws around a lot of blue and red filter with disorienting camera angles reminiscent of the Italian work that would come along a few years later. Price is in top form in a dual role making this my favorite of the Corman Poe adaptations.

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  • The Frankenstein Theory

    The Frankenstein Theory


    Agonizingly dull with a frustrating glimmer of potential.

  • Death Ship

    Death Ship


    Fun late 70s romp about a killer ocean liner. Elevated by a cast including George Kennedy and Richard Crenna, there's actually a decent amount of care put into this given the silly concept. Somehow it's able to make turning pistons, wheels, and gears tense and ominous. This is the type of film that would be completely ridiculous and over the top if made today. An example of a simpler time in film when attention was paid to craft and atmosphere instead of just grabbing a quick buck.