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  • The Last Blockbuster

    The Last Blockbuster


    Where I grew up in suburban northern NJ, my local video rental store was called “Video Den”. My sister and I had grown up religiously watching horror and sci-fi movies on our local TV stations (late night “Chiller” features and weekend “Science Fiction Theater” being the most memorable among them). Sometime in 1984 we got our first VCR and were no longer restricted to what our TV stations aired. Video Den opened up a whole new world for us and naturally…

  • Not for Resale

    Not for Resale


    I'll watch any movie with my name in the credits :)

    I participated and appear in this documentary and even if I didn't, it would be near and dear to my heart. It's the story of a cottage industry - the local "brick and mortar" videogame shop - and its future chances against the inevitable world of digital distribution. The movie asks the question "as ownership goes digital, what gets left behind?".

    To date, I've only seen the rough cut.…

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  • From Hell It Came

    From Hell It Came


    A classic tale of revenge! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS when you put a bunch of pudgy midwestern white guys in grass skirts and have a Bostonian actress try to pull off a British accent. From HELL comes a papier-mâché tree trunk incarnate! HELL bent to exact revenge for having all of these various doctors and a romantic side story plugged in just to pad it out!

    This is exactly the problem with so many of the sci-fi pictures of its time.…

  • Ghost Town

    Ghost Town


    Hello kiddies! Here’s a little tale I like to call... “Ghost Town”!

    In my experience there aren’t many memorable horror/western films, Ravenous (1999) and Bone Tomahawk (2015) spring to mind, and dangling around in there is Westworld which one could argue is neither a horror movie (it’s future sci-fi) nor western (it’s a simulation of the old west). But still.

    Ghost Town gets a lot of mileage out of one really good set, efficient practical effects, a few simple but…

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  • Cemetery Man

    Cemetery Man


    It’s a work of art, a swath of style and contradiction. It’s a zombie movie with its own canon. It’s equal parts Lynch and Raimi. It’s foreign to an American like me, yet it’s in English. It’s a love story in a unique triangle. Its ugliest images are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen in a horror film. It’s a buddy film with a parallel universe Curly Howard as the buddy. It’s The Walking Dead-creative-killing 20 years before Dead was born. It’s gothic and simultaneously hip.

    “I’d give my life to be dead” - Dellamorte 

    It is absurd. And it makes perfect sense.

  • Hell House LLC

    Hell House LLC


    Felt very much like a spiritual successor to The Blair Witch Project, which is a good thing because I’d like a good alternative and most found footage movies don’t do it for me. A few genuinely good scares and an overall spooky vibe make this “haunted house Halloween amusement in a REAL haunted house” reality film a winner. Almost definitely better on a rewatch, too, as there are lots of quick peeks at weird stuff and I’d be cheating if I rewound and paused.

    A top 10 horror found footage movie!