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  • Shock Waves

    Shock Waves


    Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water... oh no, it’s aquatic nazi zombie albinos again.

  • Happy Death Day

    Happy Death Day


    I’m completely aware that this isn’t for everyone, but if you go down my list of entertaining movie check boxes, they’re all checked off. It is Groundhog Day meets Mean Girls meets Halloween 2. It jumps between slasher film and chick flick and Columbo in just a heartbeat.

    The rest of my checkboxes are for you to figure out. But I loved every minute of this one.

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  • Logan



    Jumped right to the top of my list and is now my favorite superhero movie of all time. It's quite unlike other superhero movies and that's what I found so refreshing. It's so dark that there were times when I was saying out loud "this better have a happy ENDING!".

    Besides the uncommonly dark nature of this Marvel film, there are two things about Logan that set it far apart from the others to me. First, it is a compelling…

  • The Psychotronic Man

    The Psychotronic Man


    Say what you will about this low-budget "thriller", but it DID come out a year before Cronenberg's truly thrilling "Scanners". I'd recommend watching the Rifftrax version of the movie, as this is both the perfect pace (lots of drawn out quiet scenes) and production (despite the low budget, interesting enough to watch in addition to the riffing) for their treatment. OH, and if you are from or know someone from Chicago, get ready for lots of home-movie style location shooting and riffing on the city as well as the flick.