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  • Begotten



    Here's my interpretation of the movie:

    Many years ago, John, Paul, George and Ringo dressed up like Ewoks and went on long hiking trips. Their manager Brian would tear his hair out when they went away. On one of these trips they bumped into a couple who also did a lot of hiking. The boyfriend wasn't into it so much, he was often dragged along kicking and screaming by his girl. Anyway, in these olden times the lads would engage…

  • Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman


    Really disappointed after all of the good feedback I'd heard before. The movie simply drags on and on. A few highlights that would knock stars off of any movie for me:
    - Anyone who says "it is only love that can truly save the world" in any movie in a serious way gets laughed at. Pointed at and laughed at.
    - She can run straight through concrete walls and throw a tank but some regular guy can stop her -…

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  • Logan



    Jumped right to the top of my list and is now my favorite superhero movie of all time. It's quite unlike other superhero movies and that's what I found so refreshing. It's so dark that there were times when I was saying out loud "this better have a happy ENDING!".

    Besides the uncommonly dark nature of this Marvel film, there are two things about Logan that set it far apart from the others to me. First, it is a compelling…

  • Kong: Skull Island

    Kong: Skull Island

    Would have been fine if there were no human "actors". If someone would put together a director's cut with just the giant monster scenes (I will approve the retention of scenes where humans are killed BY giant monsters), that director's cut will get 4 stars.