Death Spa ★★★★½

Where do I even begin? I was explaining to my wife who was practically rolling on the floor laughing at my latest “horror movie” that some of them go for scares, some go for shock, or for gore, and then there are those like Death Spa, that go for maximum crazy.

It starts with the title “Witch Bitch” and that kinda shows the cards that the title “Death Spa” holds close to the vest. It works as a mystery for awhile but the baddie becomes obvious much sooner having seen that spoiler title. As we progress, it escalates from a few interesting maims, to kills, to utter mayhem and there’s still another gear as the finale reminded me of the final scene from Carrie. Complete chaos, I love it!

Death by frozen fish. Death by loose paneling. Death by blender. You think you’ve seen crazy kills? Death Spa has a thing or two to show you. The pace is perfect, the setting is great (and this spa has plenty of eye candy), and the acting is just right for this type of movie. Somehow, even the soundtrack, new wave tunes by unknowns like “The People”, “Squirt Gun” and “The Raunchettes” does not disappoint.

You gotta see this.

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