Fright Night Part 2

Fright Night Part 2 ★★

Three years after the events of Fright Night, Charlie has been brainwashed by a psychiatrist that the events of the first movie were all in his head. The missing/dead characters are never explained. As soon as his therapy is over, a sexy lady vampire bites him. The very premise of this sequel feels like a tacked-on money grab.

The characters in this movie are the worst! Only Roddy McDowell’s character has returned as a supporting actor, he gets a pass because he’s fine but isn’t given enough “moments”. Charlie is a hapless pawn right from the start (due to his therapy?). Charlie’s girlfriend is one of the worst big screen girlfriends ever for a variety of reasons. The vampiress villain has zero personality. There are a couple of young vampire “trainees” that provide unwanted comic relief in a movie that already isn’t scary. The most interesting and threatening character is the Renfield guy who eats bugs.

All but the last twenty minutes feels watered down and “small”. The events from the original largely ignored, clear cuts in budget and talent, and the great momentum and pedigree that was built is simply squandered. It’s just so “blah”! The pace suddenly picks up in the last twenty minutes, as if someone said “Oh shit! We’d better make a decent movie!” That’s just not enough to save this from the graveyard of disappointing sequels.

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