Slugs ★★★½

“Killer slugs for Christ sakes... What’ll it be next? Demented crickets? Rampaging mosquitoes, maybe?” - Sheriff Reese

“Hmmm...” - Me

Hooptober 5 (2018) 4 of 31: "10 'Anniversary Films'"

This classic piece of horror cinema does everything it needs to do right: all the “icky” stuff.  Squirming, slimy worms, bloody spewing guts, eyes popped out of the socket, a self-inflicted dismemberment, a slug vs. hamster death match, even a slug baring its TEETH. And as you’d expect, it has painfully clumsy acting and dialogue. Perfect! 

Back to the sheriff’s idea for a second. We did get at least one rampaging mosquitoes movie in 1994’s Mosquito. Now would someone PLEASE point me to a movie featuring demented crickets? That would perfectly complete the sheriff's trifecta.

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