Turbo Kid ★★★★

I love the vibe of Turbo Kid, it’s a pretty spot-on recreation of a sci-fi B-movie. Using an 80’s style of filmmaking, it depicts a post-apocalyptic world (feels very much like the world from the videogame franchise Borderlands) that occurs in the year 1997. An original but 80’s-style soundtrack with a cheesy rock intro and heavy synth scoring effectively back up the action.

As you’d expect from any decent sci-fi B-movie, there are plenty of colorful characters and over-the-top violence here. It’s hard to comment on the acting since you can’t be sure if they’re being intentionally flat at times. I will say that Michael Ironside is perfectly cast as the heavy. The story is fun, unique, and satisfying. It’s very light, something you could pop in at any time for a quick lift to the spirits!

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