Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★½

happy to see snyder go back to the zombie genre and actually make something FUN again. this thing is dumb as hell but pretty damn enjoyable, it also contains one of the most entertaining opening credit sequences in recent memory, it's awesome. dave bautista continues to absolutely kill it in the acting game, he shows a great range of emotion with his character, i can't wait to see what projects he gets attached to next. omari hardwick from Power is also good in this, i'm a big fan of him. other than those two characters, most of these bodies just exist to be zombie chow, but you know what, that's totally alright. this ain't high art or a deep, rich story. Army Of The Dead is overlong & over-the-top, but that's the way snyder operates and this is definitely a step in the right direction from his previous works. get some popcorn and some candy and be ready to stuff your face for some bloody, gory and gnarly zombie action.


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