Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★½

guy ritchie's Heat (and soft-remake of Le Convoyeur) is his best film in years. sure it oozes machismo and is littered with bro-ey, dick-swinging, douchebag dialogue but at it's center is a cold, black, aching heart. Wrath Of Man is a mean, bleak and violent tale of revenge that focuses on a lot of shitty people, and you know what? that's perfectly alright. i enjoyed the fuck out of it, not every movie you watch can be a ray of sunshine that follows good people, the world can be a dark and gloomy place from time to time. statham absolutely knocks it out of the fucking park in this thing too, it's one of his best roles ever, he's a stone cold badass and is scary as fuck. do yourself a favour, clear your weekend schedule, grab a bunch of cold brewskis and have yourself this nice armed robbery triple-feature with: Armored, Den Of Thieves & Wrath Of Man. then after that, toss on GTA V and do a couple of heist missions, that lineup should really hit the spot.


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