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  • Okja



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    7/100 Korean Films in 1 Year

    Just take a look at the title of this film: its playful font, the fact it's pink, each letter being lowercase. Even if you hadn't seen the trailers, you could probably tell this film wasn't going to be a serious drama and as such, this is Bong's adventure/family film, I suppose. In my mind, certainly better than Snowpiercer (though not as good as his others) if only for its willingness to express its themes…

  • Get Out

    Get Out


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    After each family member was killed, numerous people in my theater started clapping. It's hilarious because this entire scenario of a black man killing an entire white family is a thorny one that would normally bear the brunt of numerous "this movie panders to SJWs"-esque comments. It might actually have in certain circles but if so, it probably isn't entirely the same as when it was said with other recent films.

    Movies like Hidden Figures, Loving, and even Moonlight could…

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  • Timeless Bottomless Bad Movie

    Timeless Bottomless Bad Movie


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    Timeless, Bottomless Bad Movie blends cinéma vérité-style documentary, scripted and improvised scenes, and animation (some of which is meant to resemble a video game) to create a non-narrative film that's tied together through tonal consistency. All of this makes it both singular in the history of Korean cinema but also surprisingly effective in capturing the spirit of a country during a particularly confusing time period.

    It's easy to see how the editing and framework of Bad Movie is iconoclastic. This…

  • The End of Summer

    The End of Summer


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    Michel Brault's The End of Summer (original title: Le temps perdu -- translated to Lost Time) presents images of adolescence with understated honesty. It feels slightly oneiric in its simplistic beauty that it's easy to forget that this is, in fact, a documentary. There's a sense that these people know that these are the days they'll pine for years down the line, as if nostalgia was meant for moments like these. And thanks to how…