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  • The Last

    The Last

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Excited to share an exclusive interview with the writer/director of The Last: My friend and roommate, Chase Newman:

    Q: Some of the details here are very specific. Was this a personal story for you?
    A: Oh yeah. For sure. My grandma is a Nazi—or, was a Nazi. I did push her off a hotel balcony.

    Q: The choice to shoot the film without any sound equipment whatsoever: Was that a matter of cost, or was it an artistic choice?

  • The Star

    The Star


    Flynn Rifer meet Joel Osteen in this heartfelt and hilarius retelling of the mos timportsnt Story ever. Kids will love the funky hip-hop beat and funny dancing bird, adults will love Ving Rhames nd Jesus. Praise be to our lord and savior 🌟🌟✝️✝️💫💫

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  • Deep Cover

    Deep Cover


    it is rare for a movie to be this watchable, smart, and incredibly cool-looking all at the same time. love the ending manages to seemingly wrap everything up in a bow just before dropping that hammer of brutal nihilistic uncertainty. brilliant, next-level shit.

  • Old Dogs

    Old Dogs

    “I” “watched” “this”

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