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  • The Limey

    The Limey


    What happened to Nicky Katt, anyway? At least Luis Guzman is still with us, even if he almost exclusively appears in things I would never think of watching and/or have never heard of.

    Fourth or fifth viewing, but the first one where I've really tapped into the emotion of the ending.

  • Schizopolis



    "The delicate fabric that holds all of us together will be ripped apart unless every man, woman and child in this country sees this film." Twenty years later, it's clear he wasn't being sarcastic, but prescient.

    I live in hope that someday I will see the much mooted SON OF SCHIZOPOLIS. I like to imagine seeing it as a double feature with George Lucas's avant-garde film that he's promised for 30+ years.

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  • La La Land

    La La Land


    Saw this weeks ago but been under NZ embargo, and suspect my reaction would be even more positive if I had written a review at the time and/or hadn't been worn down by the haters, who are legion and seem to take enormous pride in their position. I sincerely get that there are flaws in this film, and I have zero issue with someone filing their "not for me" review and moving on, but I also fully believe that there…

  • Eraserhead



    But having rated it five stars, I'm not sure if I ever want to do this to myself again. It was my first time in the theater, and I forgot that on my previous viewing at home I paused a couple times (toilet break, water). In the theater, there is no escape, and I seriously contemplated fleeing a couple times, just because I found the film so effectively anxiety-inducing.

    ERASERHEAD is a miracle of sound design, of no-budget imagination, of…