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  • Nocturama



    Just because you don't understand a system doesn't mean it can't destroy.

  • Dragon's Return

    Dragon's Return


    Not entirely sure how much this is 100% an unassailable masterpiece that should be canon and how much this directly hits so very many of my sweet spots: taciturn protagonist with an astonishing weather-worn face and uncertain motives, bold striking avant-garde sound design unexpectedly juxtaposed with a medieval setting, stunning black and white photography (there are moments that look almost like etchings), virtuosic but never ostentatious camera movement, free-flowing movement through time anchored by a clear narrative, and long sequences…

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  • La La Land

    La La Land


    Saw this weeks ago but been under NZ embargo, and suspect my reaction would be even more positive if I had written a review at the time and/or hadn't been worn down by the haters, who are legion and seem to take enormous pride in their position. I sincerely get that there are flaws in this film, and I have zero issue with someone filing their "not for me" review and moving on, but I also fully believe that there…

  • mother!



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    For about 80% of the time, I was grooving on this based on what I clearly understood the metaphor to be: the balance between domestic life and relationship v. the industry demands, with the house the physical representation of their relationship, complete with structural flaws that can never be covered over no matter how hard you try. I suspected, in fact, it was a self-excoriating look at how Aronofsky's relationship fell apart just as BLACK SWAN took off, through a…