A Star Is Born ★★★★½

Watched the restored director's cut with the various stills, which may or may not be the canonical version at this point in history? It makes for a patch of rough sailing early on, especially as I'm not convinced from the restoration the studio wasn't right in excising it, which is probably the main reason I'm not going five stars. Took the first half for me to really warm into it, in part because I was dreading the path I expected for the second half - Mason's controlling urges coming to the fore and tearing apart their relationship. Not only is that not what happens, what did happen pretty much kills me on so many levels. And that post-sandwich musical number is up there with the Catbus arriving for the most concentrated expression of joy I've seen on the screen ... only to have it all disintegrate at the ring of a doorbell.

Stupid question: is the shot of the wave crashing on a single rock in BARTON FINK meant to evoke the almost identical shot here?

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