All Is Lost ★★★★

American bespoke ingenuity is no match for the machinery of international mass-production capitalism.

Anyway, as good as I hoped it would be, give or take the score in the back half* and a few dodgy f/x shots. I loved its commitment to zilch exposition or backstory as much as I loved watching Redford doggedly solve every problem that came his way, only to be faced with an even worse one. Some day, if I ever realise my dreams of programming film series, I'll do one called "Creative Problem Solving", which will feature this, THE MARTIAN, ALONE IN THE WILDERNESS, F/X and so on. (Suggestions welcomed!)

Also, some of the best end credits ever, i/r/t cute touches: they shout out to their favourite Baja restaurants, name and pay tribute to the three boats that were used in the film, and specify why James Cameron's in the thank yous (for the studio!).

*I'd heard the score was a problem, and spent the first hour thinking y'all were nuts. And then ... well, it was a problem.

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