Beyond the Black Rainbow ★★★★★

My first viewing was at a midnight screening at Fantastic Fest, and I was so besotted with this film that I ... haven't rewatched it until now. Why? Honestly, I was scared it wouldn't live up to my memory. Turns out just the opposite is true - it's even richer and more fucked up than I remember, a film that retroactively justifies my disinterest in taking drugs, as this transports me more effectively without any unfortunate side effects or expensive addictions. It's also highly worth rewatching in light of MANDY, as there are *way* more parallels than I remembered. And that was before I got to this shot/reverse shot.

(Also, I don't know much about these sorts of things, but I'd swear Cosmatos is using the same lens when Elena enters the break room at Arboria that he uses when Red enters the bathroom in MANDY; at very least, both shots create a similarly disjunctive moment.)

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