Boundless ★★★

You probably already know if you want to watch a Johnnie To documentary; as soon as I heard it was on Netflix, I immediately did. It seems to be a Hong Kong film school project, but given those limitations (including some ropey sound recording) it's pretty good, despite taking some lengthier than needed detours to make it 90 minutes (including lengthy focuses on his work on helping young filmmakers and ruminations on Hong Kong politics). The nicest touch is probably a segment comparing locations in Hong Kong with how they're photographed in a To film, but it's just generally nice watching clips of To's greatest moments and getting a bit of inside story on eg how EXILED was shot without a script or how he's unhappy with Louis Koo's performance in a scene in THROW DOWN. The specificity of the last sentence probably makes it clear, if it wasn't, that this is a fans-only affair, although I think filmmakers unfamiliar with To will glean nice pearls here or there (watching him shoot with two cameras, make minute adjustments on the dolly while filming, and so on).