Da Sweet Blood of Jesus

I have a lot of questions. Something like 93% of them are about the music selections.

But I do wonder to what extent whether you've seen GANJA AND HESS (I haven't) impacts on how well this film works. I had gone in expecting something quite rough and ready because of its 16-day shoot schedule, but actually, most of the scenes seem more cautiously covered, though obviously not all. (The morning after the wedding, for instance, is *stunningly* conceived and executed, and the church scene near the end is rousing as hell.) Its flaws seem more of pacing at the beginning (as if certain scenes or setups are elided) - but again, is this a reference to the original? Is the fact that it flows more traditionally once Ganja arrives a conscious choice to articulate her effect on Hess? I certainly don't trust myself to outsmart Spike - and those church scenes, particularly the latter, do a *lot* to recast some opening stiltedness as very intentional - but it's a bumpy ride, even though, as you expect from Spike, it's never boring.

(Rating elided til I see GANJA AND HESS, but 2 1/2-3ish is where I'd be.)