Deerskin ★★★★

I really liked the anything-goes absurdity of Dupieux's RUBBER but went off it after WRONG, so I approached this film with mild trepidation. Turns out that Dupieux has learned that absurdism works best when grounded in something real, and for his tale of a man who's lost everything but found meaning in a gorgeous deerskin jacket, he's found the perfect collaborator in Jean Dujardin, who never once winks at the camera no matter how silly things get. There's lots to grind out of the metaphorical juice here both in terms of broken masculinity and as a meta-commentary on filmmaking, but it's also enjoyable on surface terms, thanks in part to impeccable low-contrast photography and low-saturation production design that makes the lustrous tan hide of the jacket dominate every frame. Hilarious, surprising, and disturbingly relatable.

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