Django Unchained

Django Unchained ★★★★

Saw it a 2nd time at QT's very own theatre, on 35mm, with trailers and a cartoon, which was a 5-star experience. Felt a little more draggy than a first viewing with the surprises already laid bare (as opposed to INGLOURIOUS which gained urgency on a second viewing); I suppose BASTERDS had more stakes and complexity. The scars of getting this down to a decent runtime also felt more obvious - I would love to see the 4 hour mini series, which is increasingly feeling like it will become where Tarantino truly shines, and rightly or wrongly I did feel the absence of Sally Menke. But carping aside and superficial blights acknowledged, I still enjoyed the hell out of it for most of the runtime. Does anyone know if QT is playing the part originally intended for Anthony LaPaglia, incidentally? Sounds that way from this: