Fahrenheit 11/9 ★½

A perfect example of how incoherent this is: Moore spends endless time paralleling the rise of Hitler to the rise of Trump, explains the Reichstag fire, then suggests that 9/11 is parallel to the Reichstag fire. Which, sickening pandering to LOOSE CHANGE fans aside, is literally incoherent as analogy. (9/11 "truthers" don't @ me.)

But that's just one example of what a mess this ball of incoherent rage is, stumbling across timelines like a drunken sailor with the weakest of voice-over connections (one going from the Stoneman Douglas students to Obama visiting Flint is particularly egregious). If you've been completely inattentive to American politics in the last few years, somehow, there might be minor value in a few of the clips. And some of Moore's points are definitely meritorious (I didn't know the history of the term "redneck", and would be shocked if Jeff Foxworthy does, and recognising his complicity in soft-pedaling Trump at the beginning is a nice touch, even if it's a forced humility that quickly vanishes from the film). But most of this is just an angry uncle ranting with a production music library and a dizzying array of YouTube clips at his command. Doubly depressing as I really quite enjoyed WHERE TO INVADE NEXT.