Flight ★★★

Zemeckis is a curious one: some of his best moments are quiet ones and some of his best moments are loud ones. The major setpiece was as great as I've heard, but some quiet dialogue scenes were almost as great, and some scenes that you'd expect to be overscored were left in silence. But then also some terrible over the top moments and head-slappingly on-the-nose music cues ("Sympathy For The Devil", really?). Either for reasons of personal stupidity or clever filmmaking, I genuinely had no idea where this film was going for the first hour, which was nice. If this review is half-digested, so ultimately is the film: I'm not sure that its larger ideas around God, unions, personal and corporate responsibility and so on land any better than the plane does. But I wasn't bored despite the hefty runtime, and at moments I was gripped.