Human Flow

I dunno what to do with this film. I took against it real early (like the first scene with Ai helping someone but also holding a phone) and generally found it uncomfortably self-aggrandizing in a faux-modest manner. But my wife didn't get that, nor do other reviews here. It does provide a remarkably broad scope as opposed to other pictures you might have seen that point to various aspects (NOWHERE TO HIDE, LAST MEN IN ALEPPO, FIRE AT SEA, CHASING ASYLUM, STRANGER IN PARADISE), and while that provides breathtaking scope (helped by drone photography) it also provides a "once-over lightly" feel, not helped with on-screen text explanations persistently simplified to lay most blame at the feet of the West (ie blaming the US for ISIS re Iraq during a piece expressly on Mossul but failing to even mention the Taliban's role in Afghanistan). Basically I left feeling skeptical about the film and feeling like an asshole for being skeptical about the film.