Mon Oncle ★★★

I am so jealous of the guy in the theatre who laughed like a drain through this. I have rarely felt such a disjunct between my cognitive appreciation and my corporeal indifference, with only a few gags (the late night trimming of the bush in particular) provoking actual laughter. I often found myself thinking "oh yeah, that *is* funny", such as the constant background red hose in the factory ... but if you think something's funny but don't laugh, is it, really?

And yet the craft! The timing, the architecture, the meticulous unearthly sound design: it leaves one agog. That's one way of looking at this film: 99% of comedies that don't make you laugh are entirely useless as film objects, and exceptions are valuable treasures.

But, still, call me a philistine: I like to laugh at my comedies.