Moonage Daydream

Moonage Daydream ★★

What is IMAX for, if not to see uncorrected interlacing combing seven stories high?

Take my rating with a grain of salt, but as an editor and as a Bowie fan, I just had nonstop disagreements with almost every creative decision that I won't bore you with, other then to say needle dropping both "Modern Love" and "Life on Mars?" only to neuter their emotional catharsis is what one calls a choice, I guess. But man, those clips from NOSFERATU and METROPOLIS looked gorgeous on the IMAX screen, and my wife really enjoyed it, and I wonder if some small part of my anger is actually projecting inward as I contemplate the artistry of a genius (Bowie, not Morgen, to be clear) with a bravery I could never remotely muster.

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