Muriel, or the Time of Return ★★★★

Picked this up recently because I wanted to watch Resnais' science fiction film, thinking I'd love it. Took me 70 minutes of increasing befuddlement to realise I'd mixed this up with JE T'AIME, JE T'AIME. Whoops.

But in its own way, this is a time travel movie, only it's time that's doing the traveling, as the past keeps catching up with its characters, no matter how hard they try to leave it behind, be it clawing free from gambling debts or escaping a traumatic wartime experience. There's some thrilling cinematic moments - I'm actually surprised some of the clever time elisions in the opening dinner scene, like a cigarette being lit in one scene immediately cutting to the butt being stubbed out, haven't been more widely aped - and the unusual approach to music was likewise striking. I did find myself at sea more then once, plotwise, and will have to give this another go at some point to see if not being distracted by a never-arriving sci-fi plot helps add some clarity.