Overlord ★★★½

(Tonal spoilers, if that's a thing.)

Was expecting for this to be NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD but WWII/Nazi zombies. I was surprised that the first half was such a straight-faced men on a mission war movie with little hint of the supernatural, and even more surprised that when the supernatural comes in full force it suddenly switches tones to something RE-ANIMATOResque, only with big studio notes. Nonetheless, I enjoyed both sections - the first part especially - and let myself roll with the transition, even though there's too many dumb plot points and confused geography for me to enthusiastically recommend.

Also I am 99% sure this has nothing to do with the CLOVERFIELD universe but I kept being distracted by the fact that all the letters of OVERLORD are in CLOVERFIELD and why else would you steal the name of a terrific war movie?

Also also, I just read Jason Zinoman's SHOCK WAVES which dwells on the meathook scene in TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE and was reminded of how what was once wildly controversial for its unseen content in the 70s will pass largely without comment in a studio release in 2018.