Sign o' the Times ★★★½

Main takeaway is that I've *sorely* underrated Sheila E as a drummer. Might have gone higher if I was a) more familiar with the music b) wasn't next to people vocalising in one way or another every three seconds. The first half was great enough that I didn't mind too much, but either the film or I or both lost momentum after "U Got The Look", though "The Cross" is a great closer. And it's just an incredible document of Prince's versatility and physicality, from his multi-instrumental skills to his splits to sliding under a dancer and stealing her tuile skirt off her body. (One of a few touches that date the film, sexism-wise, not that I'm particularly fussed.)

Also had no idea Prince's audience was so white - in the film, that is - 95%, I'd say. Or is this film an aberration?

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