Sorry to Bother You ★★★½

Late to the game (because New Zealand) and float somewhere around the consensus - lots of great ideas, some great execution, amazing performances but suffering slightly from first-time directoritis in control of pace and tone. One thing that I haven't seen noted a lot is how much of the worldbuilding is only skin (or plot) deep - it's the sort of alternate world where there's literally four things that are different and all of them affect the plot. One thing I have seen mentioned a lot which I agree with is the positioning of Detroit (Tessa Thompson), which is ... oh god I am not going to say problematic, but it'd be nice if her character didn't seem to float adjacent and function in the third act largely for Cassius's story.

But this is the sort of fucking ambitious off-the-wall movie that never gets made, and it got made, and more often than not, it's memorable and terrific. And I'm probably the only guy in the world who thought the "twist" was a reasonable extension of the worldbuilding up to that point rather than a deal-breaker or radical gearshift, but I did.

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