Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★

The comic book movie I've been waiting my whole life for, one that builds on the idea that Ang Lee's HULK had of simulating the experience of reading a comic book in cinematic form and runs with it like mad, creating a (to my knowledge) wholly unique crazy-ass sensory experience, the sort of take-no-prisoners visual style that you'd expect to see in a title sequence extended to feature length.

The drawback of such a sensory experience is that the emotional beats don't always land with the weight they should, a problem exacerbated by the tonal challenges inherent in balancing multiple character deaths with a world where Spider-Ham exists. (As an aside, my ideal version of this film would have had half as much Miles Morales and three times as much of the three weird Spider-types.) That said, most of this zips along with efficient story-telling, lots of fun surprises, and did I mention the look of this thing I mean dear God I thought MANDY would be the most intense visual experience I had in the cinema this year and it never occurred to me a fucking Spider-Man movie would pip it to the post.

Also stay til the very end for a gutbreakingly hilarious post-credit scene. I don't really know what it portends for the Spider-Verse (it may just be a gag) but possibly the hardest I laughed in the whole film.