The Adventures of Prince Achmed ★★★★½

One might say that docking only a half star when I spent most of the movie disengaged with the plot, and a fair bit of it not even sure which character I was looking at, is a sign of an overly generous rating system. To which I say: I was never not ecstatic with the images my corneas were receiving, so, whatevs. The hand-created, hand-tinted work feels only more magical with time. I often thought of READY PLAYER ONE, and wondered if animated film (and yes, RPO should be considered an animated film) has really progressed that much in 92 years. I felt more peril and glee here than I did at any point in that movie. Maybe we should just start over?

(One might also be tempted to dock points for the general sexual and racial non-wokeness of this film, but seriously, if you're shocked - shocked! - that a 90+ year old German animation depicting the Arabic and Chinese worlds ain't 100% PC, your smelling salt budget must be astronomical.)