The Killing of a Sacred Deer ★★★

Or two stars, or four and a half stars. I dunno, there's moments where I'm so keyed in to Lanthimos's aesthetic on this I want to give him a high-five and others where the sadism - both storywise and craftwise - is just tedious.

True story: I used to be *very* uncomfortable with violence - specifically heartless gore - and break into cold sweats, sometimes having to leave the theatre (THE PILLOW BOOK comes to mind, and more recently, ANTICHRIST). The last time I had that moment was at the end of THE LOBSTER, because I didn't know how far Lanthimos was going to go and the potential violence threatened is one I'm particularly squeamish about, along with surgical gore.

So I get in from cold outside ladened with layers, and overheated, so I take several off, and am nasty sweating (sorry, Al and others sitting by me), and then the air conditioning comes on, so it lands right on my neck, and I'm feeling all cold-sweaty like the last Lanthimos, and trying not to feel sick -

and the first shot is a long gratuitous zoom out of surgical gore.

So yeah, on edge for the whole thing, and not in a fun way. Would be interested to see it again now that I know how far it goes and am prepared.