They'll Love Me When I'm Dead ★★★½

I saw a few complaints that this is a "by the numbers" doc, which, sorry, I don't cosign. Neville's attempts to emulate Welles's F FOR FAKE*-era intercutting obviously never reach the plastic heights of Welles, but I don't really have any problems with this approach apart from a lack of baselines and the fact that this could be about three times as long. Some of the footage will be familiar (especially if you've watched the F FOR FAKE extras), but it's put together to strong effect.

*I should note that I haven't watched THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND yet. Mahnola Dargis recommended on Twitter watching this first, and while I was immediately skeptical, I decided to chance it and am very glad I have, as it's built my anticipation to a fever pitch, even though I'm leaving it sitting there like the awesome Christmas present that I know what it is so can wait to unwrap.