Wormwood ★★★

Hmmmm. Some of the strongest images of Morris's career, one of the most fascinating stories, and yet. I watched it in a very protracted manner, and perhaps it would feel different in its cumulative effect in feature form, but I found most of the re-enactments ponderous, repetitive and/or unnecessary. But it's as if Morris (who is, let's face it, never *not* obsessive) became as obsessed as Eric Olson and gets lost in the weeds - and, perhaps, the chance to do a dummy run for his upcoming drama feature? - or just luxuriating in an epic budget? Morris describes it in this interview as an "everything bagel". I always thought the flavours in an everything bagel (a very American thing) washed each other out a bit, but more to the point: you only gotta eat one bagel to get the same hit. This is like eating eight.