You've Got It All, Hong: A Ranked List of Hong Sang-Soo Films

Almost everything from 2004 on was seen at its release time, so ratings are often based on foggy recollections. General NZ negligence of his recent work means I've missed quite a few recent titles.

1-4: These Are Top Drawer Hong Movies
5-17: These Are Hong Movies
18-20: These Are Hong Movies I Liked A Bit Less
21: This Is A Hong Movie That Had Largely Incomprehensible Subtitles And That I Don't Really Remember

  • On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate
  • Woman on the Beach
  • Hill of Freedom
  • On the Beach at Night Alone
  • Oki's Movie
  • Ha Ha Ha
  • The Day He Arrives
  • Nobody's Daughter Haewon
  • Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors
  • Right Now, Wrong Then
  • The Power of Kangwon Province
  • Yourself and Yours
  • The Woman Who Ran
  • In Another Country
  • Our Sunhi
  • Tale of Cinema
  • Night and Day
  • Like You Know It All
  • Claire's Camera
  • Woman Is the Future of Man
  • The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well