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The Unwatched Heap (Physical Edition)

613 films

All the physical media I have I ain't watched. Yes, this is embarrasing, both in size and in failure to…

  • Hickey & Boggs
  • Night Moves
  • Cops and Robbers
  • Report to the Commissioner
  • The Dion Brothers

RIIL: 70s American Crime

40 films

I posted a thing to a group asking to recommend movies if I liked PRIME CUT, THE SILENT PARTNER, POINT…

  • Phase IV
  • The Driver
  • Vanishing Point
  • Rolling Thunder
  • Electra Glide in Blue

My 70s American Alternacanon

42 films

The 70s are my favourite decade for American filmmaking. Here's a list of some films that aren't on the Sight…

  • Napoleon Dynamite
  • Alice in the Cities
  • Happy-Go-Lucky
  • The Last Picture Show
  • King of the Hill

Gentle Cinema 2: Crowdsourced Edition

86 films

Hi all,

So my list of Gentle Cinema went off something fierce. I had something very specific in mind, but…

  • Alamar
  • My Neighbor Totoro
  • Paterson
  • Our Little Sister
  • I Wish

Gentle Cinema

67 films

Pleasant people doing pleasant things and there's not much drama and you just kind of feel lovely about the world.…

  • Captain Conan
  • Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist
  • Autumn Tale
  • Leila
  • An Affair of Love

Skandies Blindspots

36 films

What I've missed seeing among top 20 winners, 1996-2016. ...

  • American Made
  • War Dogs
  • Gold
  • Blow
  • American Hustle

Wants to be GOODFELLAS. Isn't.

16 films

Note: CASINO is not included because a) it wants to be CASINO and b) it's fucking awesome, screw you all.

  • Ghostwatch
  • The Silent Partner
  • Lady Terminator
  • Phase IV
  • Solaris

Noncanonical: Personal Favorites

44 films

This is not a definitive list of "the best" or "my favourite" films, because who the fuck needs someone else…

  • Looper
  • Tomorrowland
  • Logan
  • Interstellar
  • Punishment Park
  • Pervert Park
  • Paranoid Park
  • South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
  • Jurassic Park

Park Cinematic Universe, Rated

7 films

Note: I have not seen the entire Park Cinematic Universe (notable omissions: KEN PARK, WICKER PARK, GORKY PARK, CARNAGE PARK,…

  • Cameraperson
  • Carol
  • Paterson
  • Toni Erdmann
  • Green Room

Top 20, 2016, New Zealand Release

20 films

Everything after #7 is pretty dart-throwy, to be honest.

Films that do not count as 2016 New Zealand releases that…

  • Figures in a Landscape
  • Woman in the Dunes
  • Gerry
  • The Desert of the Tartars
  • Phase IV

Desert Purgatory: Existentialism in the Sand

12 films

Films set largely or entirely in the desert while their protagonists are trapped in an inescapable hellscape, often both figuratively…